Gorski Heritage

Based in Montreal, GORSKI is a high-end fashion label. Over the years, we’ve been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Town and Country, and Vanity Fair. In 1986, we were named as one of the “Fastest Growing Fur Fashion Houses” by Harper’s Bazaar. With decades of growth and experience since then, GORSKI has evolved to include half a dozen collections of luxury garments. Our vast collections appeal to a refined, elegant and discerning customer. We’re proud that we continue to be a family-owned fashion business and a leading brand in the creation, manufacturing and distribution of luxury modern furs, luxury fur accessories and finer fur trimmed outerwear. Our beginnings are rooted in the deep passion that our founder and designer, Leonard Gorski, has for luxury items and for all things related to beauty and fashion. His impeccable taste and unique style has evolved over three decades, making him an experienced industry leader.

Gorski Fashion Design 

The GORSKI collections of luxury fabrics and furs represent a transformation in the approach to sophisticated fashion. We have a clear vision of what a refined style consists of, allowing us to create impeccable fashion-forward garments, accessories and modern furs. GORSKI is one of the leading suppliers of Sable, Chinchilla and the finest micro sheared reversible minks, which our customers adore.

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Gorski Pattern & Fitting 

“My vision for a perfect coat is one that is in sync with generational changes and has great fashion relevance with a beautiful current shape. These are elements that I mesh together to create each new fashion design with a young, refreshing look.” 
“Designer & Founder, Leonard GORSKI”

Gorski Perfect Fit 

A specialist takes time to delicately inspect and handpick the best quality swatches of fur, shearling, cashmere, leather, and more. Only the superior swatches are chosen to design a GORSKI garment, ensuring top quality for our customer’s satisfaction, and ensure perfect fit.

Gorski Sewing Magic 

GORSKI production is very specialized, benefitting from a craftsmanship and manufacturing know-how that has been passed down for generations. Most items are produced in controlled quantities and are hand cut, matched and delicately sewn. We continue to make our garments by hand, while using modern techniques, enhanced technology and more precise tools for optimal fabrication.

Gorski Finishing Touches 

As industry innovators, we consistently create superb, cutting-edge outerwear while remaining timeless. We are not mass producers. Rather, every GORSKI garment and accessory has intricate hand-sewn details that add beauty and luxury to every item. These delicate finishing touches are what make every collection and individual piece unique.

Gorski Final Inspection 

After inspection, most garments are sent for adjustments and a final glazing. The finishing process includes light ironing or steaming prior to packaging. A GORSKI label is sewn onto the garment in the final stage of its production as a symbol of quality, style and design integrity. We strive for excellence. Each product is carefully crafted using the finest materials to produce optimal results. We avoid the temptation of manmade standard fabrics, opting instead for the unique character of natural fabrics and pelts, with their varying textures, color variation and unique characteristics.

Gorski Ship to the Finest Specialty Stores 

Shop Gorski throughout North America and beyond. Find your favorite Gorski collections at the Neiman Marcus near you, also at the most discerning specialty stores worldwide.