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Product Information

How Do I Clean My Gorski Products?

  • Gorski products are luxurious, elegant, and tailored using high end materials, intricate fabrication and details. Given proper care, your Gorski fur or garment will maintain its appeal for years to come. To enjoy the long lasting quality and beauty of your Gorski garments, we suggest the following:

    • Fur garment and accessories should be professionally cleaned by a Fur and Leather Specialist near you. If you have questions that a professional near you can not answer try

    • Clean and condition your fur garment annually in order to prevent drying,

    • Remove or cover any accessories (i.e.: belts, or buckles) before the cleaning,

    • Store your fur garment on a wide shaped outerwear hangers,

    • Store your garment in a cold storage facility

    • If you elect to store your garment at home, please use a cedar or appropriate closet which is cool and humidity controlled,

    • Après-Ski jackets: hand clean for optimal results, using a warm cloth and mild detergent. Avoid commercial petroleum based solvents. Hang to air dry, avoiding commercial dryers and hot temperatures over 70 farenheit.  Remove detachable fur and leather belts and protect metal accessories for best results. Don's Cleaners is a specialist who provides excellent care to Gorski Après-Ski garments,

    • Cashmere coats and accessories: Entrust to a fine cleaner. Use a low temperature process and no petroleum based or harsh solvents

General Inquiries

What if the Product I Want is Unavailable?

If the product you are looking for is currently unavailable, contact us to request the style, color, and size you desire. Often it is available at a store near you and if not we will offer alternatives including special order if feasible.

How Do I Track My Order?

Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation notice with a tracking number. Use this number to track your order. Our Customer Care will send you notifications regarding shipping, processing, and delivery of your order!

Where Can I Purchase Gorski Products in Person?

Gorski products are sold at the finest specialty stores and luxury retailers. Find a retailer near you by clicking "Store Locator" at the top of this page or email to Customer Care at customercare@gorskifurs.com

How Do I Return or Exchange A Product?

It is easy and simple. Complete the the Return Form or Exchange and email it to us at customercare@gorskifurs.com . Please do so within 10 days after you have received your order. Requests for an Exchange/Return received after that period cannot be considered without a restocking charge.

Items you wish to return must be in original condition; not worn, not washed, not altered and free of any post-delivery damage. All original tags must remain affixed to the items. Please retain the original packaging since it will be required for the Exchange/Return process. Initial shipping charges, if any, are non-refundable.

Items marked “Final Sale” cannot be returned nor exchanged.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement in above process please email to customercare@gorskifurs.com and we will consider same for future updates.

Where Can I Find The Latest Updates on Gorski?

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